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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Reema Anand
Reema Anand is a journalist, columnist, documentary filmmaker and writer. She is the recipient of the Katha Translator Award, 1998. She has a number of publications to her credit, which include - Prologue, Inferno Revisited, Prayer for my Soul, His Sacred Burden, and Rehras. Her various documentaries have been telecast on Doordarshan's national network and various international for a. these include Documentaries on Bhagat Puran Singh, Lest it be Repeated, Sewa - From Paris to Topovan. Of these, the documentary made on Bhagat Puran Singh was selected in 2003 for screening at the Spinning Wheel International Film Festival at Toronto, and Sewa - From Paris to Tapovan was selected for International Film Festival at Toronto in 2004.

Reema Anand has co-translated Krishna Sobti's award-winning "The Heart has its Reasons" from Hindi, along with Meenakshi Swami, for Katha.


  • I feel very happy and proud of my class mate who's done exceedingly well coming from a almost non descript place called Ferozepore in Punjab province of India.
    Reema continue the good job.
    May God bless you and your Family.
    Gurinder Dhillon.
    Mail ID

    By Blogger Gurinder Dhillon, at 9:57 AM  

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